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A Snap Happy Chappy


I’ve just bought a new digital camera, a Canon Ixus 2, and as is traditional when you buy a new camera you firstly open the box. Then you put the battery and memory card into the camera, then you turn it on and before reading the instructions you wander around taking pictures of everything. As you would expect that’s exactly what I’ve done and the snaps below probably say more about my mind than I’d like to admit.

I needed a small digital camera because I sold my last one to a friend (I hope you’re making the most of it Stu!) and my other one is the size of an SLR and isn’t really the kind of thing I’d want to take biking given that I tend to fall off quite a lot and / or get wet. This one should allow me to take pictures of the same quality as my expensive one without my worrying about its welfare too much. I’ll get a waterproof pouch and it should be okay.

You know what this means though? It means I’ll actually take it biking with me and you’ll be able to see the beautiful Yorkshire scenery even more! I should have thought of that when it was still summer but better late than never.

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  1. As well you know, your old camera has gone to a good home.
    What have you done with the chunky one? I’ll give you Β£50….


  2. What with houses, BMWs, 1st class trips to New Zealand and now another new camera, C*********s are obviously treating you well.


  3. I’ll keep it for the fancy, professional shots where I want to do something clever.

    And I’m just enjoying it while I can. Soon as I lose my job / have kids all this high-living will be a distant memory. πŸ˜‰


  4. That’s my camera!! Well I think mine’s the Ixus V3 rather than V2.

    Top piece of kit though. Take it somewhere really dark, sit it on a fence and set it to 15 second exposure (on ISO 100) and see what you get. Some of the colours you get in the sky are really haunting.

    Have a look at some of the ones here…

    the ones near the end are of around Batley and Emley in West yorks, and were fairly long ones. This one’s the best of those…

    All the ones of the band are about 1.5 – 3 seconds exposure with no flash – more atmospheric.

    Oh – john has lots of money cause he can’t drink much alcohol… well that’s my theory.


  5. Did you like the Photos of Mr Pembery?

    He was quite wasted at the time funnily enough.

    Here’s a challenge – take 1-or-more second photo of an awake cat…. not easy.

    Also, extreme close-ups of thumbs and fingers seem to perennially popular – a few of those on your site perchance?


  6. He does look a bit worse for wear – especially in his eyes!

    It’s hard enough getting a normal shot of an active cat. One day I tried getting some close-ups of my neighbour’s cat but there was a delay between me clicking the shutter and the photo being taken of about half a second and there are loads of pictures of a cat half out of shot. Little beasts!

    Not sure about the thumbs though…


  7. My mum takes loads of photos of her thumbs – they are in front of almost everything she’s photographed.


  8. curse you….

    i was doing so well in holding off with getting a digital camera but i just gave in (and curse amazon for 1-click shopping)


  9. “An Air Vent For Venting Air” – I always wondered what those were for. So now that you’re taking all of these pictures with your shiny new digital camera, you just need something to help you keep track of the really good ones.


  10. Sorry about that dave. It’s just too easy to spend money these days.

    And keeping track of the really good ones? That would imply that I manage to take any decent shots!


  11. well new camera turned up and it’s awesome….


    going to tate modern members bar tonight so i’ll try and take a series of pics of london that (hopefully) the software can stitch together


  12. Cool! Did you go for the Ixus 2 as well then? Fanstatic piece of kit and the ‘stitch assist’ function is very clever, showing you the previous shot at the side so you can make sure you line up the next one.

    When (if) my laptop hard drive gets fixed I’ll be posting some of the results.


  13. How about a housing instead of a waterproof pouch? Then you can take it underwater as well… Or there’s always the AquaPac… πŸ™‚


  14. Well, I meant underwater somewhere else, like if you went snorkelling on a holiday. πŸ™‚ But it’s no biggie. A waterproof pouch would do just fine. It was just a suggestion.


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