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A Change Of Plan


Firstly, a bit of background. When my girlfriend and I came back from our Antigua holiday we decided that what we needed to do was plan another holiday. We decided that a week in Las Vegas in December might be a nice opportunity to see the town again (we went a couple of years ago and loved it), do some Christmas shopping and drive up to the Grand Canyon for a couple of days (we flew last time). Oh, and she was going to look out for some business class deals because we’re sick of travelling economy – she’s claustrophobic and I’m just plain tall. With that in mind, she rang me at work at the end of last week and the conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello!
Her: Hi. Can you take December off work?
Me: What?
Her: You know how I was looking out for Las Vegas flights?

Me: Yes.
Her: Well, I’ve found this really good deal flying business class to New Zealand…

Me: What?
Her: So I’ve asked my boss and he’s agreed to give me the time off!

Me: [a little exasperated] I’ll ask and check…
Her: Okay, got to go. Bye!

And that was that. So for the month of December I shall be exploring the south island of New Zealand with my good lady. It just so happens that a couple of my friends are moving back to Christchurch and another will be over there for Christmas and New Year so already we have a place to call base camp and they’ve not exactly held back suggesting places to go and visit!

Now that my work has agreed to let me go (I’ll be losing a few days holiday from next year but I’ll deal with that when the time comes) I’m combing the Lonely Planet guide for information and we’re counting the days until we can go. Oh, and I may even update my site while I’m there with photos and tales of how much fun I’m having (maybe). Anyway, if you have any suggestions of places to visit then leave them in the comments section below. In the meantime I’m off to check out business class seats – sooo much legroom (no DVTs for me). And you’d be surprised how good some of the deals around at the moment are – all thanks to the slump in international travel.

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  1. > And you’d be surprised how good some of the deals around at the moment are – all thanks to the slump in international travel

    So some good can come from international terrorism.

    Lucky tw*t. Wish I was going – can’t you get a couple more seats for us…?


  2. Stu, yes, we can get you tickets if you want! You can even bring your mountain bike…

    Andy, I’m sort of assuming everything will slow down towards the end of the year… 🙂


  3. Hhhhmmm – interesting…

    Don’t think my company will be so accommodating when it comes to taking a month’s holiday though 🙁


  4. New Zealanders eat scottish men I hear…

    But you’ll be fine as you’re a canadian cyborg


  5. What happened to Vegas? Not that New Zealand doesn’t sound bad for that matter! Since our honeymoon was in Rome, I though we’d spluge and go 1st class home (Indianapolis, south of Chicago)…yeah right…$5 thousand EACH! Moving right along…


  6. I’m pretty sure Vegas isn’t going anywhere so I’ll just have to leave it until next year.

    I think first class is really for people who are so rich that they don’t have any perception of money at all – otherwise they’d never pay the money…


  7. WOW! That’s excellent news! You’re going to have so much fun in New Zealand.

    I’ve never been to either NZ or Vegas, but I must say that if I had to choose between the two, I’d choose New Zealand.



  8. heyyy NZ is wayyy coool…i used the Lonely Planet guide too when i was there…a word to the wise…pack a sweater…LOL..well maybe you guys may not need to but i needed it. You see coming from a tropical climate…when someone says summer…i pack shorts and thin cotton t shirts…and in the peak of summer at kaikoura…it was 11 degrees celcius…bbrrr not to mention a wind that could knock me off of my feet. BUT they have excellent crayfish there yummmmm and pretty seals and dolphins and WHALESSSS 🙂

    Have fun guys!


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