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Another Year, Another Milestone


If the phone says I'm old then it must be true[In my best singing voice] Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear John. Happy birthday to me!

Honestly, I remember the day I turned 13. I thought to myself “wow, I’m a teenager, now my life begins – I’m an adult!”. Yeah right. So here I am almost exactly 29 years after my mother gave birth to her first child (that would be me) and it’s all gone by in a flash. Everybody says that and you agree but don’t really believe it until you experience it and start saying it yourself. It’s like going to a Formula 1 race. You’re told that the cars are amazingly loud and incredibly fast. You nod in agreement but don’t really think about it until one of the things rockets past you and the first thing you think is “Christ – they are SO LOUD!”.

It’s just not enough time. I don’t feel like I’m now in my 30th year. I don’t feel much different to when I was 21 and it never occurs to me in daily life that I’m no longer in the 18-25 demographic any longer (and haven’t been for quite some time). So what difference does it make that I’m 29 now? To me, none at all. If Steve Redgrave can win an Olympic gold medal rowing at the age of 38 then I’ve got nothing to worry about – until I hit 40. At that point I’ll know for sure that my best days are behind me. I’ll be on the slippery slope down towards retirement.

But hey, that doesn’t bother me now. That’s over 10 years away. That’s ages in the future! It’s not like it’ll come around as fast as the last ten… Surely… Oh, and if you think I’m being negative (I’m not really), you should read my entry for my birthday last year…

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  1. Happy birthday, mate! Hopefully you’re out celebrating. Don’t feel too bad about getting old, as I’ll always be six months older 🙁


  2. Many Happy Returns Fae Aberdeenshire

    Hape you have / had a good day johnny boy.

    BTW Whats the situ with the hoose???


  3. John – ha!

    As for the house, I’ll post an article about it in a day or so. Save to say it looks like I’ll be the neighbour of the people we originally tried to buy a house from who then took it off the market. Nice…


  4. Damn – I totally forgot it was your birthday. I actually have a present for you, too, but have yet to send it. (Got a bit distracted in Illinois, sorry.)

    Love ya, John…until you turn 30, that is. Then you’ll just be creepy. (And I should know, as my own husband is 34.) :^)


  5. Happy Birthday! (A little late..)

    (Oh, and tell Natalie that I did exactly as she asked.. I don’t want to piss her off and have her minding my business.)


  6. happy birthday for yesterday, sorry i missed posting up on the actual day, i was busy and didn’t surf by…..



  7. Happy birthday old man. Make the most of it, you’ll be old before you know it!


  8. Happy Birthday! I come from the far land of Natalie’s blog and have never even left her a note yet. So there’s your birthday present. 🙂


  9. Happy Birthday John! Anyone who brought Natalie into the blog world must be COOL! Hope you have a rockin’ great day and get to do whatever you want (I guess that’s up to your significant other to provide!) :^)


  10. Dr Conners – sorry I missed it but I was probably on my way from BFE Taiwan to BFE Korea. Hope you had a good one, and thanks for the work assistance the other day…as usual, a top quality software engineer.


  11. Happy Birthday John! Leo’s ARE the best, you know. A toast to you from across the pond!



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