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John Is Going Dark


A beach on AntiguaOkay, for the next two and a bit weeks I will be sunning myself in Antigua. I think it’s about the first time I’ve ever gone on a two week holiday (normally it’s 7-10 days) so I’ll be going into unknown territory. But I think I’ll be all right assuming I survive the flight.

While I’m away I will not be updating the site. In fact, I very much doubt I’ll go anywhere near a computer. I’ll be taking lots of pictures so when I return I’ll post some of the best ones and write all about it. No doubt I’ll be in a mean mood because I’ll be back in Yorkshire, it will be raining and my sun-tan will be peeling off at an unspeakable rate.

So I guess what I’m saying is that it’ll be a holiday for you too. You can be assured of two weeks without having to read about my action-packed (and not-so-action-packed) adventures. But don’t panic. If you find yourself needing a fix of my sense of humour, then have a look through the archives. I do it from time to time myself and sometimes find myself thinking “actually this is pretty good”. If I can go back and re-read articles that I wrote and have completely forgotten the content, then so can you!

Anyway, you take care and I’ll see you on the 6th of July!

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  1. 2 weeks at Antigua and they just bought a house recently . . . hummm!!

    Who knows what could happen over there . . . 2 weeks is long time.

    Make the most of it and enjoy !!!


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