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The Holiday Checklist Bonanza


I don’t know whether I’m more excited about David Beckham moving to Real Madrid or my two weeks holiday in Antigua, starting on Friday. No, wait a minute, I’ve decided. The new season won’t start for a couple of months however I’m going to a place where it’ll be warm all the time, there will be loads of beaches (365 to be precise), lots of coral reefs and did I mention the weather would be great? So it would be fair to say that I can’t wait to get there! The 13 hour flight will be a bit on the tough side but it’ll be worth it.

As is always the case with going on holiday I’ve written a checklist of everything I need to bring with me. Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve got a mental checklist, but it’s not as good as the real thing. There’s the simple stuff like suntan lotion, insect repellent, toothpaste, shorts, Hawaiian shirts, sandals, a football and a camera. But I believe it’s almost impossible to go on holiday without forgetting something. At least, in my experience. Whenever I go hiking in Scotland, if I manage to remember my camera, suntan lotion and insect repellent, then I know it’s going to rain. So I almost deliberately forget one of them to get some sunshine (admittedly it doesn’t always work).

Anyway, just to make sure I don’t forget anything, I’m going to write the list of things I’ll be bringing and if you think there’s anything I’m forgetting, then please post it on the comments section below. Remember, I’m relying on you to keep me on the straight and narrow. Plus, if I forget something important and you didn’t remind me then when I return I’ll start writing 10,000 word articles that ramble on and on and on about nothing. Your fate is in your hands… (Anything in italics has been added since the original post, hover over them to see who suggested them).

  • Washing kit (razor, shaving oil, shower gel, deodorant, suntan lotion, after-sun, insect repellent)
  • Medical kit (insect bite cream, anti-histamines, ibuprofen, eumovate, imodium, athlete’s foot cream)
  • Shorts (3 pairs of β€œDoctor Livingston I presume!” shorts, 2 pairs of sports shorts, 1 pair of swimming shorts, 1 pair of trunks – to wind up my girlfriend)
  • Shirts (5 loud Hawaiian shirts, 1 not-so-load shirt, 4 selected t-shirts, 1 sleeveless t-shirt)
  • Trousers (1 pair khaki cargo, 1 pair boot fit blue jeans)
  • Shoes (1 pair sports sandals, 1 pair nike football-style shoes, 1 pair semi-smart black leather)
  • Headgear (1 camouflaged army bush hat)
  • Sunglasses (Oakley of course)
  • Football kit (1 deflated football, 1 pump)
  • Underwear (as much as I can fit in my suitcase, loads of socks)
  • Camera (1 digital SLR, 1 charger for said camera)
  • Books (everything I haven’t read on my bookcase, plus mini guide to Antigua)
  • Goggles (for swimming in the pool)
  • Camelbak (for day-to-day use, dehydration is a killer)
  • Electronics (1 phone charger, 1 travel adapter , personal CD player with charger, my favourite tunes)
  • Passport (and a copy, ’nuff said)
  • Other documents (driver’s license, travel insurance document, national insurance number)
  • Notebook
  • An umbrella (in case it rains)

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  1. This may seem intuitive, but you never said “socks”, though you may have mentally included it somewhere.

    And also, I’d take a journal with me, but that’s just me πŸ˜‰

    (and a photocopy of your passport)



  2. Driver’s license, credit cards and/or traveller’s cheques, address book.

    National Insurance number or travel insurance certificate (I fell victim to a root canal problem while traveling in Chicago many moons ago).

    Umbrella (no matter where you’re going – you’re British so it follows you).

    Power adapter (if needed).

    Oh, and a blazer with a crest and posh tie. πŸ˜‰


  3. I was mentally including socks in the underwear section but I need to be more explicit. Added.

    Andy – spot on as always. The umbrella is there and the adapter too. Maybe I’ll pass on the blazer and tie though! Money is taken as read…


  4. One more thing — take a jumper — whenever I assume I won’t need one, the need arises.


  5. Wait a minute…blazer with crest and posh tie? Are you serious? Is John *one of those*?

    Forgive me if I swoon…John, tell me you use the blazer hanger thing in your car and I’ll be yours forever.


  6. Sorry Natalie, I’m scottish. That means that I don’t go in for that posh rubbish.

    And contraceptives aren’t my problem! πŸ˜‰


  7. I’d also take along:
    – some elastoplasts and some “magic cream” (Savlon) in your medical kit;
    – a mini-sewing kit (unless you’re staying in a posh hotel where you can steal one);
    – a pair of scissors (although knowing you, you’re probably taking a Swiss Army knife with you – but remember, not in your hand luggage!);
    – flip flops (it’s not a holiday without them!);
    – I also always take a little packet of wet wipes and carry them with me at all times- were invaluable on my trip round the world (can be used for absolutely anything – my cleaning obsession coming to the fore there!);
    – lip balm to protect your lips from the sun and make them kissable for your loved one!

    Have a wonderful time – I’m extremely jealous!


  8. CF card(s) or other storage medium for all the photos you’ll take with the SLR…

    be a shame to have to delete some pics, or not take as many as you want.


  9. Natalie – the blazer was a veiled (sarcastic) reference to a Jam song…John is more from my side of the tracks.


  10. I have lived in the Caribbean for 25 years. Forget the jumper – only for some winter nights. Why all the socks? You’ll practically live in sandals. Good idea for lotions, pills etc. as Antigua is not so easy to buy that stuff. Are you flying on the Sunsail flight via St. Thomas – the cheapest way to get here. Next time come to the BVI it’s much nicer! Great sailing, diving, snorkling etc. See


  11. I have to ask, Camelbak? Some kind of drink? Haven’t seen it here, but hey, I’m 100 miles from civilisation (Chicago) πŸ™‚


  12. Stout length of rope.

    You never know when that could come in handy!


  13. Eyeshade, earplugs, disposable underwater camera (so you don’t have to go home with sand in your SLR) – this will be cheaper to buy at home.


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