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The First Sunny Day Of The Year


A few friends and I went out mountain biking yesterday and it was superb. The difference a nice sunny day makes is almost immeasurable. Lately it’s been a case of dragging myself out on my bike and fun though it’s been at night, I’ve been longing for a summer day where I can go out in shorts and t-shirt and just enjoy the terrain and the views. Finally, it arrived.

Saturday was a beautiful day and the forecast was for more, which normally means that it’s raining by the time Sunday comes around. Not this time. A friend and I decided to do a route near Kilnsey crag so I gave another friend a call and it turned out that yet another friend had already decided he wanted to do the exact same route (what are the chances of that?). So all the evidence pointed to us going there.

I’m not going to go into too much detail because I could go on for a couple of thousand words about how the initial long, rocky climb is punishing but well worth it as you get on top of the moors. I could continue to explain how after some ups and downs you eventually get to a final long climb on steep grassy terrain. I could even describe in minute detail the awesome downhill (my favourite in Yorkshire) that leads you back in the blink of an eye to the road and a couple of miles from the start point. I could then finish by describing the pub and how we sat outside and discussed the day’s events. But I don’t think I will. Because I wouldn’t do it justice. You’d just have to have been there.

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  1. It’s tops around there – if you go up the valley there’s a place called Arncliffe with a pub called the Falcon.

    Go there.

    The beer is poured straight from the keg into a jug then he fills your glass from the jug. Unique and excellent in this day and age!

    Oh – I struggle going up 100m hills on roads so you can count me out of any kilnsey runs for a few years till I decide to get fit again…. if that ever happens.


  2. I’ve heard about the beer in the Falcon. Sounds good!

    The descent finishes not far from Arncliff.


  3. Well Stu, you’ve nobody to blame but yourself. You should have stayed in rainy england rather than moving to a hot country with proper summers…


  4. Finally I’ve taken the trusty bike out off its winter retreat.
    I managed to cycle 70% off road for about 15 miles within the M60 ring road here in Manchester with plenty of different terrains to challenge my now sore legs and arse.
    Can’t wait to live on the hills!


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