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Enter The Floyd


It’s hard to believe, but I’ve managed to live these 28 years without ever being a Pink Floyd fan. Sure, I remember when the single “Another Brick in The Wall” was in the charts when I was a kid, but I just thought it was about a bullying teacher and thought nothing more of it. Over the years I was aware that they have cult status and many millions of fans all over the world. Quite a few of my friends have been very vocal over the years about how good a band they are and how good their music is. And mostly I made mental notes to get around to listening to them eventually.

This isn’t the first time this has happened (and I bet you can already tell what’s going to happen). The band James, fronted by Tim Booth, were a massive band throughout the 80s and 90s and I must admit that I never really paid much attention until they released the single “Laid” from the album of the same name. I woke up one morning and heard it on the radio, decided then and there that I really liked them, and bought all their albums not long after. I’m still a big fan and was lucky enough to see them live a few years ago.

I did the same thing with the Stone Roses. At the time they were at their peak I was listening to rave music and missed the whole scene. But a few years ago I heard a copy of their first album (called “The Stone Roses”) on tape and thought it was the best album I’d ever heard. Naturally I have a copy of it now and still believe it is the best album ever recorded. However, they’d long since parted ways by the time I became a fan. Which was disappointing to say the least (you never know, they might have a comeback tour when they’re all old and run out of money).

Anyway, back to Pink Floyd. I was telling one of the guys at work that I’d always meant to get around to listening to them and he said he’d happily lend me the CDs. I asked him for his favourite two and we compromised on his favourite three instead (he just couldn’t choose the top two). So he brought in “Dark Side of the Moon”, “Wish You Were Here” and “The Wall”. Thus far I’ve listened to the first in the car a few times and the second at home a few times (I’ll get to the third later today). And I’ll tell you one thing. I should have listened to them years ago!

First of all, I never realised that “Money” was by Pink Floyd (the one that starts with all the cash registers). It’s funny to know a song so well but never know who it was by or anything about it. Quite a surprise. It’s clear though that a lot of modern music that I know and love has been blatantly copied from what Pink Floyd did around 30 years ago. Even in now what I’ve heard so far isn’t dated at all. What I will say at this early stage is it’s quite clear those guys took an awful lot of drugs, I don’t think you write that sort of music with a clear head.

So after putting it off for years I’m going to immerse myself in their music and will come out of the other end a better person for it (I’m sure). Then I plan on watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” as I’ve been meaning to for years. In fact, I’ve borrowed the DVD and it’s sitting under my TV just waiting to be watched (as it will for a while longer yet if I know me). Are you detecting a pattern?

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  1. At last you see sense old boy.

    … Wish you were Here is my fave, though I’d have picked those 3 albums to give you anyway. The rest get a little more diverse (Atom Heart Mother springs to mind) but sure you’ll find that out for yourself.

    So you’re on a voyage of discovery eh…. fancy seeing England loose humiliatingly to South Africa at Headingley in the 4th test? It’s towards the end of August and I’m rousing the troops once more.

    Cricket may be dull to a scot, but watching England loose in anything (and we will) must be worthy of ?25??

    I saw my first ever rugby match a week ago – quite a biggy being the England Wales game in the world’s biggest covered stadium – and I’m sure with the right mix of song and alcohol I shall be there again in 2 years.


  2. I’ll have a think about the cricket. Being scottish I still don’t properly understand the rules. I mean, what’s a wicket? And what’s a sticky wicket? And an over? What’s that all about?

    However rugby I do understand, although the last match I went to see was Scotland losing to the great rugby nation of Argentina. Put me off for a while!


  3. Don’t stop there Jon, get the video of “THE WALL” out of your local vid store, and watch late one evening!!!


  4. I have never really paid that much attention to Pink Floyd either. Along with Led Zepelin, they rank as “OK” in my world, but not world-changing. That said “Money” has some timing changes in it that defy any logic but sound fantastic.


  5. Seriously spooky…I’ve just got into “Dark Side Of The Moon” too! Great to listen to late at night after some alcohol. Also, check out “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” – what a great intro.


  6. Cue the Twilight Zone music…

    I’d have to agree. They’re in no hurry to get through the songs, unlike the 3 minute wonders in the charts these days.

    I love the fact that Shine on you crazy diamond was about Syd Barrett who left the band a few years earlier and disappeared. He turned up when they were recording it and nobody recognised him! After then they never saw him again. Cue the Twilight Zone music…


  7. Sorry, but ‘Money’ is terrible. I used to like all their albums, but over the years I just found the music more and more pompous and empty – esp the wall. Animals has it’s moments and I’ve heard Dark Side of the Moon too much to really like it anymore… Wish You Were Here is still ok – it used to be used for backing music on school geography programs. The first two albums are the best, but then I would say that cos I’m just too trendy… and hungover…


  8. Ah – the latimer speaks. how is life in Sausageland?

    He hates “Money” cause he can’t handle the 7/4 time signature.

    Shine On… is used on “high brow” documentaries so the audience looking for “dumbed down TV” (e.g. All of ITV1) know when to turn off.

    Dark Side of the Moon was 30 years old last wednesday and there was a jolly article about it on the radio.

    The first 2 albums are very odd… maybe that reflects in people who like them???

    But at least they are a band worthy of mention – John, are you going to write an article on Westlife at any point?


  9. have to say “dark side of the moon” and “wish you were here” are good ones to start with, however i think that “animals” and “momentary lapse of reason” are rather fine ablums and worth a listen


  10. Are you coming bowling tonight john – can’t seem to remember your email address or just keep typing the company name wrong.


  11. Ade — I like the first two albums best, does that prove your point?

    The later stuff (the Wall excluded) is for accountants looking for a Dire Straits alternative. Then again I have no idea what a 7/4 time signature is but I do like riding a bike.


  12. First off:
    Welcome to the Dark Side….of the Moon.

    Come on guys, you didn’t see that one???

    Once you have finished with all the store bought Floyd you have hundreds of bootleg albums out there. The live concert versions are awesome. The early years they made mistakes and joked around on stage, in the middle they jam and have extra long song tracks. The recent ones just basicaly kick a**

    A roar he cried frae the bottom of his heart that I would nay fall
    but as dead, dead as ‘a can be by his feet; de ya ken?
    …and the wind cried back.


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