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Customer Service Sucks!


Okay, I’m going to take a deep breath before I write this down. On the whole I’m a pretty relaxed sort of guy and I tend not to get stressed about things. But if I were the type to fly off the handle I’d have flown off it and entered orbit quite some time ago.

I mentioned that my laptop had been taken away to be repaired. Well, apparently it was repaired and sent out to me on the 2nd of January. Great. Except that it didn’t appear. I didn’t know this and phoned up the computer company and they said it had been sent out, but that the delivery company had decided to route it to Oxford instead of my house. So I called the delivery company and they said that their man had been out the day before but had been unable to find my house (sounded pretty unlikely to me).

Let me just rewind a month. I ordered a hard drive for my desktop PC and opted for next day delivery. When it didn’t turn up I called the delivery company and they said the driver couldn’t find my address (I was having it sent to work), it turned up 10 days later. Guess who the delivery company was? That’s right, the same one supposed to deliver my laptop…

Anyway, back to the present. The guy I spoke to said that he’d have it delivered to my work address the next day. Guess what? It didn’t turn up.

So I phoned them again and was told that it couldn’t be delivered to my work address but that it was against their policy to deliver packages to different addresses so try to deliver it to my house the next day. I explained that during the week I’m never at home between 9-5 so I wouldn’t be there to pick it up. I then said “why don’t you get the delivery man to give me a ring and I’ll meet him at my house?” which the lady I spoke to said she would. Next day I get the call and then sneakily direct the guy to my work and collect the laptop! Result.

Well, not quite. The laptop seems to work perfectly now having had a replaced motherboard. The problem is that when I sent it away it was a Pentium III 1GHz. And now it’s a Pentium III 500MHz. To the non-technically inclined, that means I’ve got a far inferior computer now. So, first thing this morning I was back on the phone to the computer company and they’re going to come and collect it on Monday.

So I’m writing this article on my laptop but when I get home I’ll have to copy the site back onto my desktop again and re-package it up in preparation to lose it again for another week or so. It’s just lucky that I don’t get stressed out about that sort of thing. I’ve gotten so used to bad service and never getting what I want that I just take it in my stride. In fact I get more shocked when things do go my way and I get good service.

Anyway, the moral of the story? Don’t expect and you won’t be disappointed. And never throw out the boxes your electronic equipment comes in!

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  1. If that happened to Andy his head would have literally exploded. Poof, just like that, it’d be gone. He’d buy a cat just to kick it, at the very least. I guess Scottish people are more laid-back than the English.


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