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It’s the run up to Christmas and I’m not really doing much with myself. It’s cold, miserable and dark outside, and, as you probably guessed from my recent historical rantings, I don’t have many exciting adventures to enthrall you with (just wait until the New Year). So I thought I’d follow Derren’s lead and do some statistical analysis of John’s Adventures. You may differ but I find it quite surprising and interesting.

  • First up, I’ve written 84 articles (including this one) since I started the site on February 8th 2002.
  • Those articles contain a total of 54,589 words.
  • I’ve put 82 photos on the site.
  • It takes me an average of 25 minutes to write an article.
  • I think of an average of 4 article topics per day (although I forget them within an 1 hour).
  • I check the hit count of my site approximately 15 times a day.
  • I get around 170 visitors per day (not including me).
  • The most common search to get to my site are “do not stand at my grave and weep”.
  • Only 1 article I wrote gives me a lump in my throat when I read it again.
  • A total of 322 comments have been made on all my articles.
  • Around 1 time per week I’m telling a friend a story of what I’ve been up to and they say “I already know, I read it on your website”.
  • I’ve written 5 backend articles that have probably generated more interest than the rest of the site put together.
  • The articles I think are good never get any comments and the ones I think are ropey get the most feedback.
  • I wonder approximately 2 times per week what kind of person readers who’ve never met me think I am and if it’s bears much resemblance to the real me.
  • I think about how great CityDesk (my content management tool) is about 15 times a week.

Still, you know what they say: “Statistics show that statistics don’t mean shit”. And don’t panic, I’ll be doing lots over the Christmas period and New Year, so I promise I’ll have more interesting things to write about!

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  1. My stats….

    ON average I read john’s articles within 5 minutes of seeing them coming up

    I “tut” 3 times a paragraph.

    I nod in agreement more often than I’d like to admit.

    I reply to 9 out of 10 articles

    9 out of 10 reples are designed to take the piss

    6 out of 10 have a point somewhere along the line.

    I think about backing up my server several times per day now.

    I like to beat john at pool 100% of the time, though am settling for 90% at the minute.

    I think about making do something remotely interesting 5 times a week.

    I update 0 times per week (since I bought the domain)

    There you go……

    Pint tonight old boy? Of shandy (lager) in your case….


  2. Have to agree with you about the hit count check per day statistic and the thinking/forgetting entries one.

    At the moment most people seem to come to my site from google, looking for a ‘nude advent calendar’, which is a bit odd, as it’s already the 13th, so they’d have to miss half of them…


  3. Half of a nude advent calendar is better than none at all – no need to be greedy, now!

    John, I’m very disturbed that you think about CityDesk fifteen times a week – for how long? Do you mean you just kind of go, “Ah, isn’t CityDesk wonderful?” and move on, or do you sit and think about what makes it so great? Is the fact that you mentioned your fixation really a cry for help? We can have an intervention if it will help you with your fetish…

    Now I’m off to Derren’s site to find out how to get my own nude advent calendar…nothing warms you up around the holidays quite like seeing the manger scene with everyone in the buff.


  4. Natalie, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s the former – I just have passing thoughts of how great CityDesk is, nothing too involved. In a past life I used to be a web developer and I would have killed to have it then (but it’s only been around a year or so).

    I must also say that I’ve had a few hits also looking for ‘topless advent calendars’, which is most strange and something I’d never thought of.


  5. Statistics are like a lamp-post to a drunken man – more for leaning on than illumination.


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