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A Holiday That Will Need A Holiday


I’m doing something quite out of character this weekend. I’m spending Friday until Monday in Amsterdam. My days of excess are behind me and I don’t really drink much at all (just the occasional pint here or there) and I don’t take any drugs either. So why the hell am I going to Amsterdam? The place of drugs, sex and alcohol?

Well, because it seemed like a fun idea. And I’m sure it will be. There are, I believe, 9 of us going. All male. All red-blooded. Varying from the light-weights like myself to hardened drinkers / drug takers. I won’t be bringing my laptop. I won’t be taking my fancy digital camera. I won’t be wearing my fancy watch. And I won’t be bringing anything that is breakable or stealable (is that a word?) or that I wouldn’t be too bothered to not come back with. Hey, you never know what’ll happen.

My first choice of a holiday right about now would be a couple of weeks in Antigua. I’d lie on a beach (there are 365 beaches on Antigua). I’d snorkel in the coral reefs (there are beautiful corals around Antigua). I’d maybe even do a bit of boating (despite the fact that I thoroughly loathe sailing there is good sailing in Antigua). I’d come back with a suntan and a bad case of jet lag (it’s sunny in Antigua and I get jet lag when going west to east). But alas no. I’m going to the home of sleaze, porn, debauchery, drug abuse and everything that is bad about humanity. Having said that, everyone I know who’s spent a weekend there has had a great time so I’m reserving judgment until I return.

Truth be told, I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be a nice chance to let my hair down (I’m speaking metaphorically of course). One of the guys is brining a digital video camera so I’ll post any interesting video or pictures that get taken when I return. Anyway, I’ll catch you in a few days…

Oh, before I go, on a completely unrelated note. If you have a particular sandwich configuration that you love and would like to share with the rest of the world, then check out The Sandwich Project. A great idea that I wish I’d thought of!

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  1. Amsterdam is a right dump. The Dutch are nice people, but the centre of the city is just full of dodgy people, it stinks and I hate it. Hope you have a good time!!!


  2. > the home of sleaze, porn, debauchery, drug abuse and everything that is bad about humanity Shouldn’t that be “good”


  3. It’s an interesting and chilled out place with 1 area that’s sleazy… which we will frequent of course, but not exclusively. 9 people having a break should be a laugh in ANY city – Amsterdam was chosen as it has more avenues of enjoyment/experimentation than others (such as Dublin – which was considered) and there were a few people who had never been. If you don’t like the red light district, there’s a lot of nice Tulips in the forest and plenty of hire bikes fo go see them. Did it last year and it’s a refreshing experience. Sure we’ll all have a story to tell on Tuesday….


  4. I have to agree with Blakey… sounds top to me :))) hope you have a good time hon whatever you end up doing 😉 xxx


  5. Oh you lucky man…..I have always wanted to go to Amsterdam…not for any drugs etc but because sadly since the age of 10 I have really wanted to visit Anne Franks house..I must make a mental note to do it some time…Have a great time..x


  6. Go around to see Pinky Lee and Big Sally – Sally is easy to identify because she has tassles like egg cups. Tell them Natalie sent ya and they’ll treat ya right…they’re as generous as Jed Clampett and as clean as Felix Unger, and they owe me a few favors. Enjoy yourself, son.


  7. After ten years of frequenting the brothels and strip clubs of Europe, I’m a bit bored of all the sort of thing. I did mean to say there are nice parts of Amsterdam and some good museums and galleries etc, but you may aswell go to Blackpool for the weekend if it’s for a boozy do.


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