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The Pain, The Pain Of It All!


These days I’m not really interested in getting presents on my birthday. When I was a kid that was what it was all about, but as an adult the importance is less and less. However, I did get a couple of nice things. One was a t-shirt with the word “Scotland” printed on the front in large bold letters – so as I walk along the street I can finally have my revenge against all the people who wear “England” tops (and a lot of people do). Another was the entire first season of Futurama on DVD. I’m a big fan. It’s the same sort of humour as the Simpsons but is a bit more subtle and pokes more fun at modern life in an original way (set against the backdrop of being in the year 3000).

One of my favourite bits is the episode where Bender (the kleptomaniac robot) goes to robot hell. In Simpson-esque style the devil sings a song describing what they’re going to do to Bender and it’s superb. With lines like:

You’ll pay for every crime,
Knee deep in electric slime,
You’ll suffer til the end of time,
Enduring tortures most of which rhyme,
Trapped forever here in robot hell!

Class. You can read the full song here, and actually buy the box-set (which I would if I were you) here. Anyway, I’m glad I’ve got that to watch as I’m completely knackered just now. Maybe I’m getting old but doing loads of exercise a couple of times a day is really getting tiring: swimming, playing football, lifting weights and running. I suppose it’s the swimming. It’s tough coming from being able to do 100m front crawl in 62 seconds (and do ten of them on about 75 seconds) a mere 3 years ago to barely being able to do one in 90 seconds now. I’ve got a long way to go and it’s somewhat fatiguing (my shoulders just don’t want to work the way they used to). It’s either a lack of fitness or getting up early in the morning – haven’t decided which excuse I prefer yet. But as the saying goes: “Nothing worth doing is easy”. So I’ll stick with it – it’s the second-best form of exercise anyway.

By the way, the title of this entry is a typical quote from Dr. Zachary Smith from Lost In Space. If you don’t know who he is, then check this strange analysis out…

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  1. I can’t believe someone has made a t-shirt with ‘Scotland’ printed on the front…


  2. Funny you mention “Lost in Space” – the guy who played Will Robinson (Bill Mumy) was part of the band “Barnes and Barnes”, most famous for their song, “Fish Heads”…which was a song I recently quoted on my own blog. (I’m sure there’s some big “six degrees of separation” thing here but I’m too busy to look for it right now.) I agree with Deltaboy’s disbelief of the “Scotland” shirt, but it puts me in mind of something I saw the other day while driving. It was a little VW bug painted to look like the American flag, with flag stickers all over and a flag flying from the antenna. When I got closer I saw a tiny little bumper sticker that said, “Proud to be Scottish.” (There’s no point in mentioning it, really – I’m just feeling chatty.) :o)


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