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Yorkshire Summer Floods


Well, it’s now the second day of August and theoretically the heat and sunshine should be upon us. No doubt in most parts of the northern hemisphere that is the case. Sadly it’s not the case in Yorkshire and, to be honest, it never is these days.


We’ve had almost a week of solid, rain-forest-type rain and an unspeakable amount of thunderstorms. And, as happened a couple of years ago, a great deal of the region is underwater and this time I’ve brought my camera! I’d never lived near a place that floods before and had only seen the effects on TV over the years, but now I can actually see it for real. And it’s pretty immense.

Within just a few days the countryside is transformed from lush green trees and fields to a collection of small lakes and rivers flowing down roads. The whole area I live in is a flood plain and so you can’t exactly pump the water away – there’s nowhere for it to go (good observation Neil).


No doubt the local news tonight will be showing people’s homes flooded and the look of trauma on their faces. It’s one of those things that you think will never happen to you but and, armed with 21st century technology, you’re powerless to stop the water’s onslaught. It can be a nightmare to say the least. So I just guess that while I live in Britain I’m never going to get a proper suntan. That’s what holidays are for, but it kinda ticks me off, that’s all.

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  1. You’ve put a sign for clitheroe on the web!!! You have gone up 1000 fold in my estimation. I shall be seeing that very field tonight on then was back to God’s County, and indeed Clitheroe. Keep the good work up – you may even get a sign of Pendleton if you look hard enough.


  2. as soon as i saw that clitheroe sign, i knew there’d be a comment from ade about it!!


  3. I’m basking in 90 degree heat over here. You really want to move to the right side of the pond and stop paying through the nose for everything!


  4. “theoretically the heat and sunshine should be upon us … to be honest, it never is these days.” How short is your memory? Four days ago it was 28 degrees here, and there wasn’t a cloud in sight for the three days before that!


  5. “Yeah, but like a woman I only remember the bad things…” – you don’t have many female friends, do you? :o)


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