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Cold Plus Wet Doesn’t Equal Miserable

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It’s rainy season again in Yorkshire. You get four seasons in one day here: a rainy day in each season that is. But as I’ve said before, I like rain. I went biking last night at Gisburn forest in the pouring rain and it was lovely. Most of the terrain was wide, gravel-covered paths that you could drive a car along but there were enough twisty single-track sections through the trees to keep it interesting. Turned out to be a pretty good workout and I’d have to say I’m about as fit as I’ve ever been on a bike (so no more excuses about how fit I used to be and that I’d have been twice as fast as that a few years ago).

But it was nice to get out in the pouring rain, soaked and mud-spattered. You just can’t beat exercise in the open air away from other people, concrete buildings and cars. To me that’s bliss. On the subject of open air, I’ve started running again after almost breaking my toe. The main place I run is through some fields in the bottom of the valley in which I live. There are usually cows and sheep blocking the way, but it’s nice and goes alongside a river. The only slight problem is trying not to swallow too many insects at this time of year. It’s almost like being in the middle of nowhere (despite the dual carriageway not more than 200m away) and gives me a chance to clear my head.

This made me laugh. I’ve always thought that having a plastic figurine of yourself looking back at you would be too bizarre for comprehension. Luckily Wil feels the same way. See, you can be famous and not become a sanctimonious git.

And don’t worry, I’ll take some more photos when it stops raining!

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