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The Sense Of Humour Has Left The Building

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Today I found a message left on my “leave a message for me” page and it goes like this:

“This is the most self-congratulatory egotistical look at me aren’t I great web site I have ever seen”.

And boy did I laugh. As any of you who know me will already know, I have a rather droll sense of humour. Life can be so shit and miserable (I’ve been to far more funerals of friends and family than weddings and I could write many articles that would make you wonder how so much bad luck can hit one family) that I’ve long since given up trying to take it, or myself, seriously. If you take a pinch of salt with every paragraph I write you’ll start to get what I’m doing.

If I’m honest, I can’t really put a finger on why I’m doing this site. I may get bored in the future and go on to doing something more interesting with the odd hour here and there (I can hear you crossing your fingers). But until then, what the hell. I’ve got friends and family dotted all over the place and I can point them at photos of where I work or what I’ve been up to recently.

And it could be worse, I could just write about technical things and believe me, that would be even less interesting. I guess that being a software developer doesn’t give me the chance to write much and tell stories – that sorta thing. So why not?

So Brenda, you’re probably quite right. The intention isn’t to come across that way, just wrap a few words around some pictures. I guess that so far my articles are just the wrong side of cheesy. Still, if you read it and think “damn, I’m glad I’m not that sad” then maybe you’ll feel better about yourself and the site is doing some good after all (clutching at straws there)…

And if anybody can find a more egotistical, aren’t I great website out there, please drop me a line!

P.S. This site is basically a diary. And isn’t a non-egotistical diary an oxymoron? After all, a diary is about yourself!

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