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Saturdays Of Wonder

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Had a nice weekend of action-packed bliss. It started by watching a beautiful sunset from a hilltop high above the Aire valley.

sunset over earl crag

It’s strange to just go a 10 minute drive from civilisation and feel suddenly so detached from it. Watching cars driving by way below and picturing people in the houses in the distance arguing about who’s turn it is to wash the dishes always makes me think about what really does matter in life to me. And it ain’t washing the dishes.

Went out for a nice meal after that to the local Thai restaurant (why is it that it’s taken 2 years for me to go to a nice eatery only a 5 minute walk from my house? and why have I only visited one of the half-a-dozen pubs in my village? who knows). Lovely.

Spent Saturday doing probably the best combination of things possible. A hard (due to lack of fitness) mountain bike ride followed by a few drinks and a top-class curry. They seemed to balance each other nicely and I’d gladly spend every day doing just the same. Trouble is that one of the guys I was with gave me a quick shot of his superstar full suspension bike – and it makes me want to go and buy one right now

Woke up on Sunday over a period of about half an hour. I’d forgotten how punishing waking up after a day’s mountain biking can be. Stiff legs, tight thighs, tired shoulders, shaky arms… What better way to shake out the cobwebs than a nice game of tennis? What, you thought watching premiership football? No chance. The sun was shining.

I was playing my arch nemesis. I’ve never beaten him before and normally lose by two sets to one. It’s always close but he just seems to play the big points better than I do. I had everything to play for. He had everything to lose. The game was set… Actually, I don’t take tennis THAT seriously, it’s just for fun (although a win is always nice). As it happened I did win (which is unusual) 4-6 6-4 6-1. But, to be fair, my opponent did suffer a back twinge (enough to give Henman cause for concern).

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the sun, walking around the local village (it’s amazing how many places you find by randomly walking around). And now back to work. Still, at least it’ll be the weekend in a few more days…

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