My Software

The following is a list of software I’ve written. Feel free to download whatever you like and if you have any problems or suggestions then don’t hesitate to contact me. Enjoy!

John's Background Switcher John’s Background Switcher for Mac
John’s Background Switcher puts beautiful full-screen photos and stunning montages on your Mac desktop. It can choose pictures from iPhoto, local folders or download photos from Flickr, Facebook, InstagramVladstudio, smugmug or Dropbox and RSS photo feeds from sites like DeviantArt, Photobucket and any tumblr blog (to name a few).
John's Background Switcher John’s Background Switcher for Windows
JBS sits in your system tray and periodically changes the wallpaper on your computer at the interval of your choosing. Set it to use specific pictures on your computer, random pictures from folders (like My Pictures), or download photos from Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, 500pxVladstudio, via RSS feed support from sites like DeviantArt, Photobucket and any tumblr blog (to name a few), Phanfare, smugmug, Picasa web albums, Pixabay,, Dropbox or Google image search. There are loads of options so you can tailor it however you like! Sprint Wall Sprint Wall
If you’re a developer and are a fan of both Agile software development and neat visual, drag-and-drop task management tools like Trello and SeeNowDo and want that type of functionality on the platform, then look no further. This open source project (built for my former employer can be dropped into your org and customised to fit your process (with a bit of development here and there). It’s a good example of just how powerful the platform is!
John's Image Converter John’s Image Converter
I take pictures on my digital camera and want to make them a bit smaller before putting them on my blog. The trouble is, that means I have to fire up Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro and that takes time. So I wrote a little utility that would resize the images for me and this is it. You can convert single images, folders of images or even create cool montages!
John's Base64 Encoder / Decoder John’s Base64 Encoder / Decoder
I found myself doing some web development work over SOAP and needed to quickly convert some XML documents to and from Base64. So I knocked this little app up to do exactly that. It doesn’t do anything else but if you need to quickly convert to and from Base64, this is for you!
A PHP Discussion Forum A PHP Discussion Forum
A long time ago I had a discussion forum on this site. I took it down because nobody used it and I realised that having the ability to post comments about each article was a better idea. However, if you’re interested in creating a discussion forum, I’ve made the code I used available so you can add that capability to your website.
HTML Month Creator HTML Month Creator
This little application will allow you to input dates and links and it will generate the html for a monthly calendar control. It generates the sort of HTML you see on blogs providing links to each day’s posts. You can load and save each month and it’s highly customisable.
Captioned Image Creator Captioned Image Creator
CityDesk 1 allowed you to insert a captioned image into your articles (an image with a line of text below it). This feature was removed for CityDesk 2 but I liked it. So I’ve written a small application that will generate the html you need to insert a captioned image into your article in HTML view.
A CityDesk Weblog Template CityDesk Weblog Templates
I created some CityDesk templates that you can use as a base for creating a blog:
A simple weblog template (no comments functionality)
A weblog template with comment functionality (uses PHP and mySQL)
A weblog template with mailing list functionality (uses PHP and mySQL)

Oh, the usual disclaimers apply about it not being my fault if you use my software and it burns down your house or something to that effect!